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Health and Safety Receiverships are a valuable remedy to alleviate blight and restore problematic properties within a community. A Health and Safety Receiver is a neutral third-party appointed by the court to take temporary control over substandard properties to resolve any potential health and safety threats. A Receiver is responsible for repairs and restoration to the property and to ensure that the property is transformed back into a safe and habitable dwelling. Health and Safety Receiverships can successfully rehabilitate distressed properties when the home owner is unable to remedy the code violations on their own.  Health and Safety Receiverships are very effective to bring a property into compliance with building and housing codes while also providing residents a safe place to stay while the rehab project is underway.

Oftentimes rehabilitation projects for substandard properties require relocating residents during the project. A Receiver will secure relocation assistance when the conditions on the property or the needed repairs to the property expressly affect the safe and sanitary use of the property making it unsafe for occupants to reside in the residence. A Receiver will plan for relocation costs in the receivership budget to ensure that funds are available should occupants need to temporarily relocate. Once the rehabilitation is complete, the occupants can move back into the property that has been safety rehabilitated.

Richardson “Red” Griswold of Griswold Law, APC is regularly appointed by courts across the State of California to act as a Receiver to deal with problem properties.  To learn more about receiverships, please visit www.griswoldlawsandiego.com or contact the office at (858) 481-1300.