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Legal Representation of Receivers and Referees

Red Griswold, Receiver

Legal Representation for Partition Referees and Receivers

Griswold Law serves as a court-appointed receiver and partition referee in countless scenarios. However, in addition to these primary roles, we also provide legal representation for other receivers and partition referees in the state of California.

Griswold Law: Experienced & Thorough

Given our vast and practical experience with receiverships, coupled with our litigation background, we are the best-suited law firm to guide and protect other receivership professionals as they carry out their court-ordered duties. Our experience spans health & safety receiverships, partition matters, business disputes, cannabis businesses, rents & profits management, and post-judgment receiverships. Richardson “Red” Griswold has been appointed over 200 times throughout the state of California to navigate complex receivership scenarios.

Benefits of Representation for Receivers

Our legal services for other receivership professionals are in high demand because we know the ins and outs of your legal obligations and limitations as a receiver. In the state of California, there is no requirement for receivers to be licensed attorneys. In fact, many excellent receivers in California are not attorneys and lack legal background and expertise. These receivers can benefit greatly from having legal representation.

Some of the benefits of legal representation for receivers include:

  • Advice to help you avoid costly mistakes 
  • Strategies for getting people to comply with your instructions
  • Protection from retaliation from frustrated tenants, property owners, judgment debtors, and other stakeholders

Perhaps the most important benefit of hiring legal counsel as a receiver is that you can focus on your court-ordered duties while your attorney can attend to the procedural and legal issues associated with your role.

Receivership professionals can experience a lot of professional stress, especially when they are dealing with a complicated appointment. As your legal representative, Griswold Law can alleviate the pressures of the job and help you focus on fulfilling the court’s orders.

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