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Post-Judgment Receiverships

Post Judgement Property

Griswold Law acts as a post-judgment receiver to assist judgment creditors with satisfying obtained judgments in California. A post-judgment receivership is a judgment enforcement remedy that can expedite the process of satisfying a judge’s orders. As a post-judgment receiver, we are often granted court authority to manage and take possession of the judgment debtor’s real and personal property. That allows us to collect, lease, repair, or sell as the court directs. Further, a post-judgment receiver can assist with seizing and liquidating bank accounts. Swift enforcement steps by a receiver can prevent a judgment debtor from taking further action to transfer or hide assets.


The Role of a Post-Judgment Receiver

A post-judgment receivership is a judgment enforcement remedy. When appointed, Griswold Law expedites the process of satisfying a judge’s orders. A post-judgment receivership is necessary when creditors are concerned about the logistics or likelihood of collecting what the courts have determined they are owed by a judgment debtor.

The judge grants the receiver authority to manage and even take possession of the judgment debtor’s real and personal property. They can collect funds, lease the property, repair distressed properties, or sell the property as the court directs. They can also investigate financial records, locate assets, and seize assets as necessary to satisfy the court’s judgment.

The California court system has interpreted post-judgment receivers to be acting on behalf of the courts to benefit the judgment creditor. Typically, the creditor requests a post-judgment receiver to be appointed because other efforts to collect the debts have been unsuccessful. That is because judgment creditors have limited powers when it comes to seizing assets from their debtors. Court-appointed receivers like Griswold Law have the full authority of the court behind them.

Receivers are often able to trace and discover assets that were initially hidden from the creditor.

Griswold Law Is Ready to Serve as Receiver In Your Court Case


If you are seeking a court-appointed receiver to address an unsatisfied judgment, reach out to Griswold Law. Our team is consistently appointed by the California court system to serve as a post-judgment receiver. We enforce civil judgments every day. 

A recent example is when Richardson “Red” Griswold was appointed by a judge to enforce a civil money judgment that was seventeen years old. Mr. Griswold took control of the property that was owned by a judgment debtor who had been evading payment for nearly two decades.



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