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We Solve Complex Real Estate & Business Disputes Across California via the Receivership Remedy

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Our Practice Areas

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Health & Safety Receiverships

Griswold Law takes control of properties that have been abandoned or have become a health & safety threat to the community.


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Partition Referee Matters

When a dispute arises between co-owners of real property, Griswold Law serves as the court-appointed partition referee.


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Business Dispute Receiverships

Griswold Law may be appointed by the court to take control of a business that is at the center of a dispute between business partners.


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Cannabis Receiverships

Struggling cannabis companies must abide by different laws than most businesses in California, and Griswold Law often steps in as a court-appointed receiver in the event of business failures.

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Post-Judgment Receiverships

As a post-judgment receiver, Griswold Law ensures that a court’s orders are fulfilled, even when the judgment debtor is uncooperative.


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Rents & Profits Receiverships

With disputed real property in litigation, Griswold Law is routinely appointed by courts to preserve the property and maintain its rents and profits until resolution.


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Legal Representation of Receivers & Referees

Griswold Law provides experienced legal representation to other court-appointed receivers and referees.

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Griswold Law solves problems across California when drastic measures are required.

  • Appointed over 200 times in California courts across 22 different counties
  • Consistently appointed in a variety of legal scenarios, including health & safety receivership, partition referee, tenant habitability receiver, post-judgment receiver, and rents/profits receiver
  • Appointed as a receiver in business disputes to take operational control of businesses during litigation
  • Substantial experience taking control of troubled real estate assets, including houses, apartments, motels, and failed developments
  • Focus on hoarding, nuisance/drug activity, slum motels/apartments, illegal conversions, and abandoned properties

Meet the Team

Red Griswold - CEO, Receiver/Attorney

Richardson “Red” Griswold

CEO, Receiver/Attorney

Jamie Eberhardt - Receivership Director/Sr. Paralegal

Jamie Eberhardt

Receivership Director/Sr. Paralegal

Neil Sheaffer - Attorney/Staff Receiver

Neil Sheaffer

Managing Attorney

Markus Woods - Staff Attorney

Markus Woods

Staff Attorney

 Casey Fashouer - Senior Project Manager

Casey Fashouer

Senior Project Manager

Gabrielle Ritter - Paralegal

Gabrielle Ritter


Jarrod Ready - Receivership Attorney

Jarrod Ready

Staff Attorney

Case Studies


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Griswold Law Real Estate Law of California

Richardson “Red” Griswold acts as a court-appointed Receiver and court-appointed Partition Referee in California.  Mr. Griswold has been appointed by over 200 California courts in 22 different California counties. He is a licensed California attorney, as well as a licensed California real estate broker. Mr. Griswold was the 2019 Chair/President of the California Receivers Forum.

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