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Property Examples

Below is just a sampling of some of our recent receivership properties.

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Health and Safety Receivership

Single Family Home in Mesa Hills, San Diego, CA

For over three years the Property had a long history of severe hoarding conditions. The property occupant suffers from mental health issues and lived alone in the rundown house.

nuisance property receivership in san diego

Residential Property, Balmoral House, San Diego, CA

The Property had a long history of drug-related activity and had been a hub of police activity. The Property was occupied by the Property Owner and approximately 7-10 other various occupants.

health and safety receivership

Single-Family Home in Presidio, Garden Grove, CA

Richardson “Red” Griswold was appointed by the Orange County Superior Court as receiver over a dilapidated vacant single-family home in a charming neighborhood within the City of Garden Grove pursuant to the California Health & Safety Code.

Single-Family Home in City of Chino, CA

The Property had a long history of perpetuating drug-related activity while the Property fell into disrepair, despite the City’s years of efforts to halt all such illegal activity.

Single-Family-Home in Westminster, Orange County, CA

Decades of interior hoarding by elderly single woman. The property was cleared out and the neglected systems of the home were repaired. 

59-Unit Motel in Redding, Shasta County, CA

After years of neglect and poor management, hundreds of code violations were identified by the city. The motel was listed for sale to allow for a private party to rehabilitate and develop a new use.

Single-Family-Home in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County, CA

Substantial interior and exterior hoarding conditions within highly desirable neighborhood in Northern California. After the property was cleared out and rehabilitated, the owner consented to the sale of the property.

neglected hotel

Single-Family-Home in Lakewood, Los Angeles County, CA

The hoarding within the home had become so severe that the single adult male owner resorted to sleeping outside on the back patio each night. The owner consented to the sale of the property to a local family.

8-Unit Apartment Building in El Centro, Imperial County, CA

Abandoned apartment building heavily vandalized and used as squatter/drug location. Secured nearly $400,000 in outside receivership funding to create and implement a plan for complete rehabilitation of the apartment building.

Single-Family-Home in La Habra, Orange County, CA

After family struggles and substantial drug nuisance activity at the property, this house was abandoned and ultimately overrun by squatters. The property was fully rehabilitated and brought back to its permitted bedroom/bath layout.

Single-Family-home in Garden Grove, Orange County, CA

Owner was “renting” areas in backyard to individuals and families, abandoned motorhomes and other illegal structures with no plumbing or electricity. The unsafe structures and abandoned motorhomes were removed and the house was brought back up to code.

Condominium unit in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA

Extreme interior hoarding conditions, specifically leading to heightened risk of fire. The property was cleared out and rehabilitated, easing the concerns of neighboring condo owners and eliminated.

Single-Family-Home in Pacific Beach, San Diego County, CA

The property had become overrun by squatters setting up an encampment in the backyard. The unauthorized squatters were removed and the camp structures were demolished.

Single-Family-Home in Encanto, San Diego County, CA

Long history of drug nuisance activity, coupled with lack of operating utilities. The occupants were successfully relocated, paying particular attention to finding safe living conditions for the children.